Vegetarian meals that looks like animal meat

The Vegetarian culture defines a vegetarian as: “someone that resides on an eating plan of grains, pulses, walnuts, seed products, fruits and vegetables with, or without, using dairy food and eggs. A vegetarian does not eat any animal meat, poultry, online game, fish, shellfish or by-products of massacre.”

I am aware it doesn’t state such a thing about not eating a veggie meal containing Quorn or Tofu, but the reason why would a veggie need consume food intake that appears like animal meat? Why do food suppliers believe that non-meat eaters would want to consume food intake that appears like features the same feel to animal meat? I’m able to just think that it really is aimed at beef eaters who have recently become vegetarian, and it is some type of convenience thing like smoking patches for those attempting to stop smoking. I recently aren’t getting it! A little while a chance we joined up with a foreign dating site site and came across this lovely girl, we got on really well… until she prepared me a vegetarian Lasagne that looked like animal meat! I recently cannot consume it and she couldn’t understand why and therefore ended up being the end of that. I would personally want to determine if additional non-meat eaters feel the in an identical way, or perhaps is it simply me? Today there is veggie romance by joining this veggie dating website and really should not any longer come across the ‘veggie meal appearing like beef’ circumstance again.